At home with the languages of the world.

Translating is more than transposing words from one language into another. It’s about conveying content, ideas and emotions in the right context.

  • Professional translations with linguistic nuance.
  • Editing for clarity, consistency, quality, syntax and style.
  • Proofreading for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Revision and journalistic editing.

Precise layout.

You supply formatted texts. We deliver the target texts to match. Directly in your InDesign file. Formatted for your home page. To your complete satisfaction.

Stylistic integrity.

Condensing, optimising, refining. Our editing focuses on the purpose of your message, adding the finishing touches with a keen sense for readability.

Quality first.

Swiss standards with international flair. The multilingual culture in Switzerland and Europe creates the need for translation. It also demands professional standards. We choose the right people from our pool of skilled translators. Our remit is linguistic perfection. And your satisfaction.

Your words. In expert hands.

Language is our passion.
Efficiency our second nature.

It goes without saying.

But let’s be clear.

  • TEXTRAPLUS works with TRADOS
  • translates and edits directly into your InDesign files
  • archives your content and terminology in the translation memory management system and
  • offers you secure and easy data transfer via MyTEXTRAPLUS.

Swiss quality with international partnerships.

We are here for you: +41 55 444 98 88